OBelle v2

orange-15x45Distributed SDN Controller

More Robust,More Secure & Higher-Perfomance

An SDN controller is the controlling platform of Software Defined Networking (SDN). Atto Research’s OBelle v2 controller provides centralized management, high speed flow request handling, and intelligent application management.

OBelle v2

Obelle v2 improves the stability and performance of software defined network dramatically. The detailed design and evaluation of our controller is published in “Rosemary: A Robust, Secure, and High-Performance Network Operating System”,
ACM Conference on Computer and Communications Security (CCS) 2014.


To support enterprise and carrier-grade network, OBelle v2 has evolved into a highly distributed cluster architecture. A-Sync, a memory-based distributed storage, plays a key role in managing network data with different consistency levels according to their characteristics.


Applications and libraries can be buggy or malicious. Thus, important modules for a network operating system should be separated from applications to maximize the reliability of a software-defined network. With OBelle v2, applications can use/compute network resources only if they are allowed. OBelle v2 has been tested under the SDN Security Vulnerability Genome Project. It passed most of the control plane-specific misuse/attack cases published in http://sdnsecurity.org/project_SDN-Security-Vulnerbility-attack-list.html

OBelle v2 SDN Security Vulnerability Attack Protection Check List
 A-01 Packet-In Flooding:
 A-04 Control Message Manipulation:
 A-07 Resource Exhaustion
 A-10 Network Topology Poisoning: 
A-10 2016 1Q plans

 A-02 Service Chain interference:
 A-05 Control Message Abuse:
 A-08 System Variable Manipulation: 
A-05,08 2016 1Q plans

 A-03 Internal Storage Abuse: 
 A-06 Northbound API Abuse:
 A-09 System Command Execution:
A-03 2015 3Q plans

High Performance

A large number of requests to an SDN controller can slow down the entire SDN-based network. OBelle v2 handles millions of flow requests per second with optimized network software stack based on commodity network hardware such as TOE (TCP Offloading Engine) and Intel DPDK.

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