OBelle Archon

green-15x45SDN/NFV Management Tool

Network Administrators with Overall Network manageability

The ever-growing demand on highly-integrated data centers inevitably raises the cost of managing and operating physical and virtual network infrastructures. OBelle Archon is a network management system for large-scale SDN-enabled networks. Integrated with OBelle, it automatically detects network topology changes, sets up newly connected devices, and allows network operators to monitor and manage the entire network.



OBelle Archon is implemented fully with web-based technologies and can operate on any platforms that supports web browsers (e.g. PCs, laptops, and mobile phones). Per-user operation environment is supported with customizable web pages.


Network Analysis

OBelle Archon efficiently renders various network information including up-to-data network topology, traffic workloads, link status, error rates, resource utilization related to SDN controllers, and so on.


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A network virtualization innovation with advanced SDN and NFV technologies.