orange-15x45Efficient Data Center Total Management

Convergence of Visualization, real-time analysis and software based control 

Hermes provides the information that you should know, so all the troubles can be analyzed and handled in a minute. Users can find the equipment information easily by 3D UI.

3D Visualization

Big Data Analysis


SDN Control

Intelligent Network Management System 

Hermes inspects failure, security in real-time based on big data analysis. In case of the network failure, Hermes Fast Network Recovery System suggests the candidate actions.

Evolving System 

Hermes recognize failure, security threat pattern based on rule-set update. Customized card system helps managing and tracking the frequently-occurred data center issues.

Integrated Management System

Hermes collect, monitor, manage the status of the entire server/network in data center and also collects and provides the racks’ information

Optimized Visual Analysis 

Hermes user can find the equipment information easily by operating the camera. With automatic zoom-in system, the administrator can recognize the network attack/failure immediately

Easy Operation and Efficient Management Features

Real-time Network Monitoring 

Hermes monitor network flow in the data center in real-time. With big data analysis engine, anomaly situation is caught in real-time. With the immediate suggestion for actions to recover the failure, data center always can be operated under the safe and stable condition.

Zoom-in on the troubled equipment  

The failure point is quickly identified and fixed with the automatic zoom-in system

Customized Card System 

Hermes Card System shows processed information of data center components and can be customized in administrator’s need

Real-time Equipment Monitoring 

Hermes monitors equipment failure in real-time and abnormal server information is provided. Resource monitoring function for the physical and the virtual server is also supported.

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A network virtualization innovation with advanced SDN and NFV technologies.